At APIC, we are not just offering you a job; we are offering you the opportunity to become one of our future leaders. We are proud to develop most of our talent in-house, helping our employees grow and reach their utmost potential. For us, hiring associates and taking care of their professional development are critical building blocks for the success of our company.

Our culture,

Our values shape the way we think, work and behave.

Training and Development,

Our Training and Development Strategy focuses primarily on improving the mindsets of our people and pushing them towards a winning attitude in a positive energetic environment. Motivating our employees and improving their productivity is our duty.

Positive impact,

To improve people’s lives not only through effective and innovative healthcare products and services but also through continuous positive contribution to our society. We promise to persistently improve the wellbeing of our society members utilizing various activities. We invest in our people by improving their work and life conditions to help them live better and reach their full potential.